Festival Schedule

Thursday, March 7th @ Franky Bradley’s – 7pm


Megan Chialastri (S)
Taylor Plunkett-Clements (O)
Marrianne Beltle (S)
Roya Hamadani (S)
KD Thang (I)
Shanell Renee (S)
Alley Lightfoot (S)
Patricia Theresa McCarthy (S)
Nicole Spain (S)
Oprah Keys (S)
Jillian Markowitz (S)
Candace & Michelle (S)
Headliner: The N Crowd (I)
Headliner: Thank You, Places (I)

Friday March 8th @ The Playground at the Adrienne Theater

Block One – 7pm [BUY TICKETS]

CJ Higgins (O)
Harrison Scantling (S)
Girl Poop (O)
Maddie McLennon (S)
Aunt Carol (I)
Natalie K Levant (S)
Headliner: Wisdom Teeth (I)

Block Two – 9pm [BUY TICKETS]

Supreme Court Justice (I)
Davine Ker (S)
Shari Diaz (S)
Sammie James (S)
Raisin Brain (T)
Clamor of Harpies (I)
Alaina Clune (S)
Cups & A Half (T)
Violet Grey (S)
Belynda Cleare (S)
Cassandra Dee (S)
Headliner: Rebekah Rickards (T)

Saturday March 9th @ World Cafe Live

Block One 7pm [BUY TICKETS]

Sarah & Kathryn (O)
Juliet Hope Wayne (S)
Kelli Dunham (S)
TaTa Sherise (S)
Marlenas (S)
Elizabeth Norman (S)
Mariel Farhi (S)
Lauren Faber (S)
Nicole Phoenix (S)
Headliner: Honeytree EvilEye (B)

Block Two 9pm [BUY TICKETS]

Eat Your Beats (I)
Emily Epstein White (S)
Audrie Marsh (S)
Sarah Bell (S)
Tan Hoang (S)
Alyssa Al-Dookhi (S)
Headliner: Chanel Ali (S)

Act KEY: (I) – Improv, (S) – Standup/Storytelling, (B) – Burlesque, (O) – Other, (T) – Theatrical/Sketch

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